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A Glossary of Mathematical Terms - B

Bar graph

It is a display of information using rectangles in horizontal or vertical displays. It is a symbolic representation of discrete data.


Used in geometry in various circustances. In an isosceles triangle it is the "unequal" side. In a trapezoid it is used for each of the two parallel sides. In solid geometry it is used, for example, for cones, cylindres, pyramids.


A polynomial consisting of two terms.


See angle bisector.

Bisector of a segment

A point that divides the segment into 2 congruent segments.

Box-and-wiskers plot

A representation that makes use of the quartiles and the median in the representation of data.

Braces { } (Curly brackets)

Simbols used, for example,  as set markers and in algebraic expressions.

Brackets [ ] (Square brackets)

Simbols used, for example, in algebraic expressions.

Broken-line graph

A type of graph used in data representation where the data points are joined by line segments. Also Line graph.

first published on september 01 2003 - last updated on september 01 2003