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Preliminary test on functions and limits

Gap-fill exercise

Write the correct answers. Every gap must be filled by one only word. When finished press Check. Pressing the Hint button adds the next correct letter in the answer.

1 - Given a function test_s1.gif, D is called the of the function and C is the .
2 - The subset f(D) of C is called the of the function.
3 - If f(D)=C the function is called .
4 - If f(x1) = f(x2) only when x1 = x2 the function is called .
5 - A function is called bijective if it is both and injective.
6 - A function like f(x)=sign(x) is a function defined in .
7 - A function like f(x)=sign(x) is a non- function.
8 - The set test_s4.gif is called the of the function.
9 - An interval like [a,b] is a interval.
10 - An interval like ]a,b[ is an interval.
11 - The real line with the two new elements +∞ and -∞ is called the real line.
12 - The limit is the of a function as x gets to a given point c of the domain.
13 - A point in whose neighbourhoods we can always find other of a set A is called an point for A.
14 - As x tends to the function test_s2.gif has no limit.
15 - It makes no sense to calculate the limit of test_s3.gif as x tends to 2 because 2 is far from the , or, better, 2 is not an point for the .