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Mathematics 1 & 2 - A.Y.2017/2018

Università degli Studi Ca' Foscari of Venice,  A.Y.2017-2018, Department of Management, curriculum Business Administration and Management.

***** Very important: first partial *****

You must enroll on the first partial (November 4, 2017, 9-13, room 7A) using Esse3, from October 20 to October 31. Please use the special section for Partial proofs and not the one for full exams.

There will be two shifts for the partial test: the first at 9 and the second at 11. The subdivision will be according to the first letter of the surname: approximately A-K and L-Z, but detailed info will be given after October 31 here and on Unive Platform (Under "Notices" in the page of the course). No change between the first and second shift will be permitted.

You will need to bring your university card with you.

***** Very important: first partial *****


Knuth Sydsæter, Peter Hammond, Arne Strøm & Andrès Carvajal, Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Pearson, 2016 (V edition).

Teaching material

Outline of the topics covered in class

References to the paragraphs of the textbook are given in parentheses, when possible.

Selected exercises from the texbook.


See the page of A.Y. 2016/2017 for a collection of exercises, mockups and old exams.

Practice lessons.

You can find the exercises solved or proposed during practice lessons by prof. Somenzi Damiano Marino on his I.S.A. section of Unive Platform ( You must use your username and password.

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