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Mathematics 1 & 2 - A.Y.2016/2017

Università degli Studi Ca' Foscari of Venice,  A.Y.2016-2017, Department of Economics, curriculum Economics, Markets and Finance.

***** Ca' Foscari - Harvard Summer School *****

On Monday November 28 prof. Paolo Pellizzari, during our class, introduced the Ca' Foscari Harvard Summer School, in particular the Course Math 1b, of which you can download the Syllabus. Other info on the web page All parts of the prerequisites have been studied in our course, except for trigonometry, so no problem if you want to take this great and important opportunity. If any student wants to enroll in this course (as I hope!!) and has the need to review trigonometry, please tell me: I can help and, among other things, I can write a brief summary of the needed concepts of trigonometry.


Knuth Sydsæter, Peter Hammond, Arne Strøm & Andrès Carvajal, Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Pearson, 2016 (V edition).

Office hours

Mathematics 1: Tuesday and Wednesday 3.15pm to 3.45pm and 5.15pm to 5.45pm, room D0004, complex D, only during the period of the lectures.

Mathematics 2: Tuesday and Thursday 3.15pm to 3.45pm and 5.15pm to 5.45pm, room D0004, complex D, only during the period of the lectures.

Teaching material

Outline of the topics covered in class

References to the paragraphs of the textbook are given in parentheses, when possible.


Selected exercises from the texbook.

Exercises sheets used during practice sessions.

Mockups of partial examinations.

Old Exams.


Notebooks and pdfs used during the lectures.

The following teaching materials have been used during the lectures. They contain no explanation, so they can't be used without the support of the classroom lesson. There are two kinds of materials: the Notebooks are dinamical pages that must be downloaded and then opened with the program Mathematica of Wolfram (commercial and copyrighted software!) or with CDF Player, a viewer that can be downloaded (about 700 Mb) from and installed on your computer; the pdfs are normal pdf files that reproduce the same content of the notebooks, but without interactivity. Many files have explanations in italian, as they have been used during other courses at Ca' Foscari University.

first published on 2016/09/18 - last updated on 2017/02/06